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Interview: The Fifty First-Dates Project

Carolyn and Her 50 First Dates Project, or, How to Fall in Love with Yourself While You Look for a Partner

Sasha Cagen’s interview with me is a good summary of my dating project and how I took good care of myself while dating. Sasha, a life coach, empowers women with Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires, coaching, and writings about women thriving on their own (which she calls QuirkyAlone). This interview link will take you to her website. While there, definitely subscribe to her email, Weeklyish!

Podcast: Sex and the Single QuirkyAlone

Sex and the Single Quirkyalone: How to talk openly and honestly about sex . . . before you have sex

Sasha Cagen and I discuss how to talk openly about sex before having sex while dating. This was valuable for me during my dating project, as I deliberately chose men as lovers to support me while I was dating.

Radio: The Dating Project and Open Relationships

Sumati Sparks, an open relationship coach, interviewed me and my partner Jim on her radio show, Leading Edge Love. We talked about how my dating project led me to Jim, and how we nurture, sustain, and define our (somewhat) open relationship.

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