Carolyn’s Blog

  • Why 50 First Dates?
    Why would anyone go on fifty first dates if they didn’t have to?  Don’t you just date one person at a time until you find the right one, hopefully way before fifty first dates?
  • Three Dating Pitfalls
    Because older women are so ready to find Mr. Right, we are more susceptible to these three dating pitfalls. Have you experienced any of them?
  • Adventures in Dating & Life: Brave!
    Blog Welcome and Introduction! Why brave? Watch Sara Bareilles sing her song, Brave!
  • The First Time
    There is always a first time. My favorite thing to do is sunbathe naked by water, preferably with a book to read. I seek out clothing optional resorts and beaches.
  • Carolyn’s 10 Dating Tips
    These dating tips guided me on my dating journey of fifty first dates after fifty. I hope they help make your dating journey more enjoyable

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