Loving being Single Leads to Partner!

Happy woman in bright pink scarves loving being single!

How Loving being Single Led Me to My Partner

This is what I looked like when I was loving being single! But when I started dating in my late 50s, I was not loving being single. I was focused on finding a committed partner and I had a great way to find him.

My dating plan to find a partner

I challenged myself to go on 50 first dates with a variety of men to see what type would match me the best. The goal of 50 would give me forward momentum, so I would not pine after men who were not right for me, but keep going until I found my match. And this worked for a while.

Getting discouraged by dating

By date 34, however, after one and a half years, I was getting discouraged. A few men with partner potential had rejected me.  And I was rejecting men who clearly wanted commitment and gravitating towards men who were not available.

What was I looking for?

I needed to get clear on who or what I was looking for, so I signed up for a tele-seminar called “Singles Breakthrough to Love, Breakthrough to Relationship, [1]” for singles who wanted to be in a relationship.

A vision of a partner

In that class, we did the usual exercise of creating a vision of the partner and relationship we wanted.  This included listing what we loved about ourselves and what we were willing to give to a partner, as well as the qualities we wanted in a partner.   While that was clarifying, what really helped me was this exercise:

Loving being single: what I appreciated

I wrote down everything I loved about being single, and I spent time appreciating them.. 

Some of the things I appreciated:

  • Making plans with different friends any time I wanted to
  • Making travel plans to go anywhere I wanted (like Greece!)
  • Staying out late dancing with a stranger in a magical studio
  • Driving through beautiful Napa Valley on the way to a workshop
  • Anticipating new and old friends I would meet at the workshop
  • Flirty conversations on the phone with potential dates
  • Meeting and dating a variety of men
  • Peaceful time at my house reading or listening to my favorite music
  • Having different lovers I could count on for touch

Including it in the vision

Then the teacher encouraged us to include what we loved about being single in a detailed vision of a relationship.

Really?  But I was looking for a committed partner!  How could I include things like wanting to spend time alone and have different lovers?  But I included them, and here is what happened:

Loving being single

That summer and fall, I enjoyed being single and dating so much that I could imagine re-starting my 50-date goal—I was loving my life as it was! Besides dating, I was enjoying my friends (I was at a show with a girlfriend in this happy picture).

Finding a partner who fit the vision

The following winter, as I approached my goal of 50 dates, I planned a trip to the Greek Islands by myself for my 60th birthday. Soon after that someone appeared who seemed right.  After a series of dates, I knew he was. For one, he wanted both commitment and the option to see other lovers, just as I did.  Plus he honored my alone time and wanted to travel to the same places.  Later I read my detailed vision.  He matched it exactly.

You can read about my whole dating journey in my memoir, Fifty First Dates After Fifty. And that trip to Greece? I had planned it for myself… and he went with me! That story is in the book.

Almost 12 years later, we are still together.  All because I included what I really wanted in my vision.   Are you wondering how visions work?  See my post: Solstice is for Visioning.

Are you loving being single?

What do you really love about being single?  Can you include that in your vision of a partner?

[1] Put on by Loveworks Solution: https://loveworkssolution.com/

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