Carolyn’s 10 Dating Tips

Dear amazing women (and others) who are looking for partners!

Here are the dating tips that guided me the most during my dating project.  I hope that they help make your dating journey more enjoyable. I know that you will find your own path to your own special person. Remember! You only need one! Enjoy!

  1. Hold a vision of what an amazing person and partner you are.
  2. Create a vision of the type of person and relationship you want.
  3. Keep getting out there — show up online, go to parties and events.
  4. A date is for gathering information—evaluate what you find!
  5. Try out emerging new parts of yourself on your dates.
  6. Enjoy the dates! Appreciate where you are and whom you are with!
  7. QTIP it: Quit Taking it Personally if they reject you.
  8. Be kind if you reject them.
  9. You only need one! 
  10. Prepare yourself for a long term project – build in support!

Bonus tip from my Mom:

You don’t owe your date anything. The pleasure of your company is enough.

Bonus Offer!

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Published by Carolyn Lee Arnold

I'm over 60, and I’ve enjoyed a rather unconventional life! Mostly around dating and relationships, mostly set in the New Age personal growth milieu of the SF Bay Area. I've also had some traveling adventures in countries like Peru, Mexico, and Greece. And I write about it all in memoirs, essays, blogs, and songs.

4 thoughts on “Carolyn’s 10 Dating Tips

    1. Thank you, JoAnn! Yes, that is an important one! I actually illustrate it in date #1, so I need to get it into the tips. These may grow and change themselves!

  1. Great tips! But they all assume you actually WANT a relationship and are willing to work for it. I remain ambivalent . . .

    1. Yes, Jennifer – exactly! The tips work best for people who want to be in a relationship enough to look for one. I love that reading them helped you realize that you are ambivalent about that goal!

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